Payments And Returns

This section can be customized to suit your needs.

Payments and returns section can contain information for store customers like:
  • Accepted Payment Methods: Payment methods accepted at the store
  • Return Policy: Store return policy across product categories
  • Items that cannot be Returned: List of non-returnable categories
  • Replacement & Exchanges: How to get an exchange for your product
  • Tracking Returns: Tracking returns of your product
  • Gift Returns: Can gift items be returned at all?
  • Late or Missing Refund: What in case of a missing refund?
  • How are Refunds Issued: Mode of return
  • Price Changes: Do we offer price protection?
  • Price Guarantee on promotions: Price guarantee for promotions?
  • Problem with an Order: Facing a problem with an order?
  • Product Price, List Price & MRP: Difference between the three?
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